The work is in full swing, and our heads are full of ideas! This time, enJoiner has designed an urban greenhouse by making use of the modular system.

The structure of an area of 18 square metres comprises 3 modules of dimensions 3x3m which, with the use of the system, can be arranged in any configuration. Two modules are put one onto another, whereas the third part constitutes a porch. It is possible to plant wildflowers or herbs on the roof of this CUBE.


The ECO CUBE system has been adapted to function as a GREENHOUSE where vegetables may grow. The structure is equipped with a drainage system which enables distribution of rainwater across the vertical structure with plantings as well as outside the cube where it can be used for, e.g. watering the lawn. The system may become an integral part of urban little infrastructure. The design of the CUBE attracts attention due to implementation of energy-efficient colourful lighting which illuminates the structure.


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