kubiki enjoiner

Enjoiner  Company meets the expectations of the Clients, who crave the ambience of nature, still don’t want  to relinquish cosiness and comfort.  We have prepared a variety of small houses and gazebos LIFE CUBE, RELAX CUBE, FUN CUBE and DEK decks, that embraces its natural setting. Founded on eco-friendly technology, its form and technical parameters are well adjusted to realms of Polish climate. Proposed small houses are based on the structure of a cube. Module construction makes possible combining them, folding-up, building-up, uniting in limitless ways – you can choose open or semi-closed spaces according to your needs and preferences.

Our idea rests on  playing with blocks  – we invite you to play with us!

Our patented technology of module objects gives a sense of freedom and a joy of creating the space we live in. It allows to  fulfil your dreams quickly. Due to complex services and the flexibility, provided by the wide range of the elements – PANELS to choose from, you can save a lot of time and enjoy yourself. Our objects function really well in Polish climate. The construction chosen can be treated as all-season one or as a summer house, folded in and stored during winter time. Such solution gives more flexibility in adjusting to the weather conditions and financial resources of each Client.



This is a satisfactory solution for  all wishing  to use the part of their garden as an office space. Such an object can perfectly function as a guest gazebo.


Thanks to our ready-made panels and construction elements everybody gets a chance to create their own, individually planned living space. Our modules enable you to build a house of 9 m2 and  of any multiply size.  We offer heat-insulated panels and plain panels, exuipped with door, windows etc. Panels are made out of wood, plexiglass,  may be glazed, pierced and so on. An elaborate and innovative system keeps object warm all year round.  To pop up a small house tailor-made to your needs, you may choose from different kinds of walls, windows, door and blinds.


Absolutely ideal solution for outdoor shading . Together with module terrace or module deck, it makes up an amazing leisure space. Not to mention, it’s easy to fold the whole construction in for moving  to another place or storing until the next season.


FUN CUBE structure is open enough to give it a final touch according to Client’s individual order. Its features  give even more personal character to each creation. Different of wood can be chosen to build  the FUN CUBE, any length of lumber can be fitted, we are ready to put into practice any of your brave, new ideas.






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